Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Be A Fine And Dandi Host This Christmas

You can be the stylish host at Christmas this year with Dandi halter neck aprons, and why stop there, some of the patterns carry thru their whole range, tea towels, napkins, pot holders, table cloths and mini me aprons for your daughters.

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A-M said...

Hi Chantal, I was only thinking of you today as a matter of fact.... thanking my lucky stars you pointed out the window position issue in my kitchen. Now that the windows are going in, thank goodness you spotted that window being too close to the wall.... it would have looked tragic! Thank you so much for your feedback on my dresser. Our cabinet makers said the same thing when I took it to them. We are back to our basic, shaker, 2 pak job. I appreciate your honesty, in fact I love that people can be so honest in this medium! Please let me know if anything else is screaming out to you as "not too flash". A-M xx