Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hall Of Frame

I dont know where i got the above pic from, but I love it. you could have a party in that hallway. I love that everything is dark timber and white walls. I also love how the front door is understated, with the use of clear glass in the side panel and high light.

Below is my front door. Needs it final coat on the outside and i am thinking of painting the inside dark grey to match the outside and give some interest from th einside of the house, now that i have seen this pic above, hubby bashed it up pretty bad when he droped a door along the face of the door and damaged all of the moulding.

So in the Feng Shui world my chi would be deflected at the front door. As your front door should be immaculate and the door knobs should be working and well adjusted, we still need to paint the door, replace the lining boards with "cricket bats" and add the lock and dont look at some of the cracks in the lead lighting. But overall i love our front door, i turn the light on in the hallway at night, just to show it off to passers by.

Also need some feature light fittings in the hallway, but cant decide. can you help?

I have also including our swinging door that enters the lounge room off the hallway, but should have waited till dark to take the pic.


A-M said...

Oh your front door is just beautiful. Hope you had a great time at Furnitex. I have left an award for you over at my blog. A-M xx

Chantal Butcher said...

A-M you are just the bst hope hubby is recovering well after surgery.

Anonymous said...

that first foyer is from urban grace interiors. blog. my favorite blog EVERRRRRRRRR! erik is SO funny. so is her sister . your blog is very good too!