Sunday, July 13, 2008

Take Two At The Como

Well i have decided on accommodation for my mini break/furnitex extended weekend away with hubby, deciding where to stay was hard, city, lygon street, chapel street or at the casino? We have cfinally chosen chapel street, we have booked at the como before, earlier this year for our anniversary, but the day before we were due to leave, I got a phone call from the como saying that we would have to find other accommodation, as a large party of guests were extending their stay, if you like we can accommodate you at a sister hotel!!! I was beyond cross, dinner reservations in south yarra were now useless, and southbank was the only option left, she said that we would treated like VIP’s with wine on arrival. That was big of her considering we brought the indulgence package which included, valet parking, late checkout, breakfast and champagne and chocolates on arrival. So I am going to ring her in the morning a try and squeeze her for a good deal.
Fingers Crossed.

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