Monday, July 28, 2008

Watch This Designer - Kif & Katast

Kif Brennan is one to watch in the design world, she designs jewellery, stationary, fabrics, wallpaper and my personal favorite steel screens that she has laser cut in her own design and then fast tracks the aging process but painting them with a rusting agent and if your not so sure about the steel, they are now available in felt, so they can adorn the walls of your interior space.

Kif’s designs originate from nature, and she captures them on her camera. What happens after that, I’m sure only Kif knows and I am sure it is a lengthy process. But the end result is clean and fresh, and will have you wanting more.

And where would one find the creations of Kif Brennan, in her own shop of course. Kif & Katast located in Prahran’s Hawkesburn Village. Kif not only stocks her own designs which she see through from the original concept to the display in her shop. She also supports other designers, both national and internationally buy selling their designs in her shop also.
Check her out in the lastest edition of Home Beautiful, as Shop Of The Month.
Images 1 & 2 from Home Beautiful
Image 3 Kif & Katast

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