Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The White Company

The White Company know how to sell, you'll want to buy everything on the website because of the way is is photographed, pictured above silver plated photframes, see what I mean

Monday, July 28, 2008

Watch This Designer - Kif & Katast

Kif Brennan is one to watch in the design world, she designs jewellery, stationary, fabrics, wallpaper and my personal favorite steel screens that she has laser cut in her own design and then fast tracks the aging process but painting them with a rusting agent and if your not so sure about the steel, they are now available in felt, so they can adorn the walls of your interior space.

Kif’s designs originate from nature, and she captures them on her camera. What happens after that, I’m sure only Kif knows and I am sure it is a lengthy process. But the end result is clean and fresh, and will have you wanting more.

And where would one find the creations of Kif Brennan, in her own shop of course. Kif & Katast located in Prahran’s Hawkesburn Village. Kif not only stocks her own designs which she see through from the original concept to the display in her shop. She also supports other designers, both national and internationally buy selling their designs in her shop also.
Check her out in the lastest edition of Home Beautiful, as Shop Of The Month.
Images 1 & 2 from Home Beautiful
Image 3 Kif & Katast

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Warwick Fabric

The Burlesque Collection by Warwick makes a bold statement that oozes class and sophistication. With such a vast array of fabrics, from sheers to velveteen, you’ll find something sure to excite the senses.

Image from warwick

Thats A Wrap

Image from martha stewart

Who would have thought a tea towel would make such a great gift wrap idea, click here to see the instructions on Martha’s website.

Image from absolutely beautiful things

Anna from absolutely beautiful things, showed us how she gift wraps with leftover wall paper and pretty ribbons. see here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bathroom Bliss

Our bathroom was the first room that we renovated, in what would be a 7 year project, so bear in mind that I was about 22 years old when we designed the room and on a budget, luckily hubby is a joiner and can paint 2 pack. The joinery is 9 panel doors in 2 pack, with cashmere gold granite.
We had the leadlight window made locally to fit in the existing double hung window, we put a glass cover on the outside to reduce the recommended maintenance for the lead lighting from annually to every 10 years.
The floor boards are original to the house and are just polished without stain, which gave us our colour base for the interior of the house.

We lowered the ceiling as this is half of one room, the other half is now our walk in robe and ensuite, which i will show later. to check out other posts on my house click here.

I Love Melbourne

A Visual feast of my time melbourne

Como Melbourne
Touks in Seddon
Tokyo Teppanyaki
Cecconis Cantina
Crown Casino
CNF Bar Café

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hall Of Frame

I dont know where i got the above pic from, but I love it. you could have a party in that hallway. I love that everything is dark timber and white walls. I also love how the front door is understated, with the use of clear glass in the side panel and high light.

Below is my front door. Needs it final coat on the outside and i am thinking of painting the inside dark grey to match the outside and give some interest from th einside of the house, now that i have seen this pic above, hubby bashed it up pretty bad when he droped a door along the face of the door and damaged all of the moulding.

So in the Feng Shui world my chi would be deflected at the front door. As your front door should be immaculate and the door knobs should be working and well adjusted, we still need to paint the door, replace the lining boards with "cricket bats" and add the lock and dont look at some of the cracks in the lead lighting. But overall i love our front door, i turn the light on in the hallway at night, just to show it off to passers by.

Also need some feature light fittings in the hallway, but cant decide. can you help?

I have also including our swinging door that enters the lounge room off the hallway, but should have waited till dark to take the pic.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chic Not Shabby

While I was wandering aimlessly through the blogesphere, I came across a charming blog called daisy pink cupcake, where I found this fabulous website by Rachel Ashwell’s called Shabby Chic .

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Take Two At The Como

Well i have decided on accommodation for my mini break/furnitex extended weekend away with hubby, deciding where to stay was hard, city, lygon street, chapel street or at the casino? We have cfinally chosen chapel street, we have booked at the como before, earlier this year for our anniversary, but the day before we were due to leave, I got a phone call from the como saying that we would have to find other accommodation, as a large party of guests were extending their stay, if you like we can accommodate you at a sister hotel!!! I was beyond cross, dinner reservations in south yarra were now useless, and southbank was the only option left, she said that we would treated like VIP’s with wine on arrival. That was big of her considering we brought the indulgence package which included, valet parking, late checkout, breakfast and champagne and chocolates on arrival. So I am going to ring her in the morning a try and squeeze her for a good deal.
Fingers Crossed.

Friday, July 11, 2008

To do list

Dont you just love to do lists, my last post have list of things to do today, well i only achieved two out of five things, but the most important was done, book holiday. Only wish it was as exciting as Anna from ABT trip she has planned to France.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Lovely A-M tagged my a few weeks ago. Sorry for the delay.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
OMG Ten years ago I was a teenager.
I was 19 years old.
Got my first car, a ford laser hatch.
Got my first full time job, traineship as an office administrator.
I lived with my mum, dad, brother and sister.
I was going out with my now hubby, Warren.
And Monday, Tuesday, Wedneday and Thursdays were just obsticales to Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

Five items on your to do list today?
Send coffee machine away to be fixed
Ring Travel Agent and Book Holiday
Go to the gym with my friend Cherie
Organize flights and accommodation to furnitex in Melbourne
Ring lawyer and find out if the sale has gone through on our investment property

Snacks I enjoy:

Latte’s. Coffee is a food group to me!!
Sweet - Chocolate and yoyo’s
Savory – Seafood, Seafood & Seafood

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Hire no buy an island in the meditation, and invite everyone who knows what a blog is.
Build a dream home in every continent and at least 5 islands across the globe, as it would take that many different styles of homes and layouts to satisfy my over evolving tastes.
Relieve my close family members of their current debts and give them a nest egg.
Could stop stressing about paying for private school fees
Go on a annual girls trip on gourmet food, shopping and culture tours, starting with France.
Sponsor poverty stricken children and fund business’s to invent and produce products to make energy neutral homes and cars

Where would you live?
I wouldn’t move, my family is here and I want my boys to grow up around them.
Who do I pass this on to? most of the blogs that I read have been tagged, so that leaves one regular haunt that may not have participated in this, Belinda Graham from two lovely blogs, renovate + decorate and mini meez.

You'll Be Tabled At Miguel Meirelle Antiques

A late 19th century French solid oak refectory table

A large and wide, late 19th century French Louis XV style carved solid oak and oak parquetry extending dining table, the serpentine top above the well-carved cabriole legs and the shaped rails. In the photo the table is seen closed, with its the two extension leaves stored under the top. Excellent colour and patina.

A late 19th century French oak refectory table of simple design and good size, standing on square section legs joined by an ‘H’ stretcher. Note the early design with no side rails, and plenty of leg-room. Instead of side rails there is under the top a central beam that runs the length of the table. Provenance: The refectory of a convent in Normandy.

A classic French cut crystal plafonnière ceiling light of good, shallow proportions. Each string of crystal beads in diminishing sizes, the rim decorated with rectangular crystals, the tip decorated with a cut crystal pommel.
A beautifully faded mid-19th century French Provincial Louis XV style, carved two-door pine Armoire. Typical of the South East of France, this armoire features a fine 'chapeau de gendarme" pediment, and a quirky central (upright) mouding

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prefab The Grampians???

After i saw these Zenkaya prefab homes in a magazine i instantly had visions of buying a few acers of land at the foot of the grampians, placing a few of these on it, furnish them and rent them out as holiday accommodation. But they are not available in Austaralia. Yet!!!!!!!

Image from Zenkaya

Fuchsia Fuchsia Fuchsia

How beautifully refreshing this is table setting, from Martha Stewart.

Sorry it has been a while since my last post, but life just seemed to get in the way. My three year old was sick, then my 10 month old got a sinus infection, which inturn he gave to me. Add in June 30 and there hasnt been much time for anything else. cant wait to sit back a catch up a few of my favorite blogs, in particular AM's House